July 15, 2024

Six-Word Sci-Fi: Tales from Contributors

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Six-Word Sci-Fi: Stories Written by You

Six-Word Sci-Fi: Stories Written by You

Imagine a world where science fiction meets brevity. In just six words, you can transport readers to distant galaxies, explore the limits of technology, and delve into the depths of human nature. Below are some six-word sci-fi stories crafted by you, our creative readers:

  1. “Time machine broken. Stuck in past.”
  2. “AI gained sentience. Humanity lost control.”
  3. “Aliens arrived. They looked just like us.”
  4. “Earthquake. Entire city swallowed by sinkhole.”
  5. “Teleportation mishap. Body parts scattered quintillions.”
  6. “Government mandated dreams. Reality feels distant.”

These short but powerful stories show the limitless potential of the sci-fi genre. They challenge our assumptions, make us question our reality, and inspire us to think beyond the confines of our world. What six-word sci-fi story will you come up with next?

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